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Christian strutz

Christian Strutz is a young singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He writes, produces, and performs various types of indie, alt-rock, and pop songs and preforms live music with unique effects such as his loop board, effects pedals, and more.

Christian's popularity started as a graduating high school senior during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, as he introduced his song "Class of 2020." The music was loved almost instantly by folks all over the mid-west. It made a significant impact on graduating seniors all over the country. His talent with the song landed him spots on CBS, NBC, and in newspaper print.

Now a college student, Christian is taking his love and talent in music to new levels. His collection of new and original indie/pop-infused songs continues to win the hearts of fans worldwide. He is available for bookings at concert halls, festivals/fairs, resorts, and cruise ships, among other venues. He is a superb opening act for other artists and can stand alone as a talent audiences love.